8 Annoying Habits That Will Make People Hate You

8 min readApr 25, 2022

You might be annoying the hell out of people and have no idea

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Are you annoying?

Let me start by saying that we all have quirks and unique qualities that make us different; special, even. But sometimes there’s a line, and many of us can cross it without even knowing.

I don’t think most people ask themselves whether or not they’re the most obnoxious person in the room. There are things you might be doing that don’t strike you as annoying, but completely repulse other people you’re trying to connect with.

I’ve been guilty of some of these things, and I wish someone would’ve slapped me and opened my eyes to my own behavior.

I want to be a friend and let you in on some of the things that drive a lot of people away.

Humble Bragging

Photo by Fa Barboza on Unsplash

Bragging, in general, is annoying as hell, but this sort of bragging is unbearable.

I’m topping my list with this one because it’s rampant on Medium and I can’t make it past someone’s intro when they start writing this sort of trash.

Humble braggers are those people who try to downplay their accomplishments by saying things like, “It’s no big deal,” or “I’m not that good at it.”

However, their true intentions are usually to make others aware of their accomplishments.

The last thing I want to do is sit and listen to someone downplay their own (usually impressive) achievements, all to get some sort of glorified response from me.

I had a friend a few years back who was rail thin. I mean, she was a walking skeleton. She was anorexic by choice, and very proud.

Well, on a group video chat one time, a chubbier friend of mine was complaining that the angle gave her a double chin.

The skinny girl, let’s call her Lynn, said “Ugh! I wish I can’t get a double chin no matter how hard I pull my face back. Being skinny…


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