Can We Stop Being Salty Towards Successful Writers?

6 min readFeb 1, 2022

You sound bitter as hell

I came across this guy yesterday, and for his sake, I won’t tag him. I’m not a dick like that. But I won’t lie, the desire is there.

He was ranting and raving like a lunatic about writers who ‘dare to post their earnings’, claiming we’re all liars, posting our successes as a thirst trap. Begging for compliments. Faking our stats.

I have some thoughts on this, and I’m curious about what you guys will have to say.

Success is subjective

Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

A person’s definition of success is totally dependent upon their perspective and experiences.

Success isn’t a set fact or determined for you when you reach an exact number. Success isn’t a science.

Therefore, who is this person to claim whether or not someone is successful?

Some people are here, happy to make five dollars per month, and to them, that is a success. His article makes it seem like their idea of success isn’t enough.

It’s insulting, belittling, and disrespectful.

We’re entitled to our own view of success, and his article (and the others like it) rob us of that privilege.

We shouldn’t feel guilty for reaching what we deem successful.

He also never clearly defined his definition of success.

His threshold might be a low one.

What if he sees $10 per month as a success, and anyone making more than that deserves to be ridiculed?

How entitled is that? How fucking rude is that?

He’s telling us what we can and cannot be excited about. If you’re making more than him, go fuck yourself! How dare you make more money?

And to the people making less than him?

Well damn, if he’s a failure, you definitely are.

I’ve never been this offended.

And I’m not only defending myself. I’m defending the people with whom I’ve built…




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