Five Fun Ways to Respond to Insults

7 min readJun 8, 2022

Combative replies aren’t usually the answer

Photo by Reno Laithienne on Unsplash

I’m feisty as hell.

I think my mom tried to get a grip on me around the age of three, but it didn’t work and I’ve been starting (and adding to) fires ever since.

My temper is something I’ve had to learn to control, but when I’m really triggered it’s easy to fly off the handle.

I don’t particularly like being insulted, and I mean… who does?

Upon initial insult, my immediate response is a rage that desires to physically punish. Unfortunately… that’s illegal. So I began my search for alternate methods of handling ruthless idiots.

I had to find a way to make things work for myself and I’ve learned there are more strategic ways of coming back at someone who has an attitude, and some of them gain satisfying (or downright amusing) responses.

How you respond will totally depend on the circumstance and the way you’ve been offended or insulted, but here are five classic favs of mine you can try out.

Laugh… a lot

Photo by Dan Cook on Unsplash

Most people who treat other people like 3-week-old garbage are simply assholes, and assholes usually treat people that way for their own amusement, for an ego boost, or because they have an oversized sense of self-righteousness.

The air of narcissism or superiority that comes along with being patronized or talked down to can be easily shattered into a million bits when the only reply you, the offended party, offer back is a chuckle.

Nothing will rile someone up more than being given a short, somewhat embarrassingly simple response to what they delusionally saw as a well-planned, well-spoken, degrading comment.

Laughing works for multiple reasons.

  • You’re minimizing their comment — even though, I know, it did hurt a little
  • You’re not giving them a long

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