How To Tell If A Lesbian Is Into You

6 min readDec 3, 2021

Sometimes it’s not easy to tell

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We, lesbians, are complex creatures, and if you’re just beginning and freshly out of the closet, or you’re out of a long-term relationship and can’t remember what it’s like to be single, I’ve got the goods for you.

Many of us are awkward when it comes to showing feelings

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If you know someone’s a lesbian, and you’re interested, and you think they might be, using a little awkwardness is a good gauge.

I’m more awkward than most, but girls, in general, weren’t groomed to just waltz up to someone and declare their feelings. We were raised that it’s ‘the man’s job’… only, now, there’s no man in the scenario and someone has to make the first move.

To an outsider, it may sound like a girl making awkward jokes, or smiling at the ground during a conversation, but a fellow lesbian would notice this as flirting, and attempting to connect.

We try to be stealthy, most of us, and because we rarely succeed, it can be a dead giveaway.

If your girl is giggling, or awkwardly staring at the floor, or picking at her nails and smiling… there’s a more than decent chance she’s at least attracted to you.

We weren’t taught from a young age how to go ask someone out, and it’s a hurdle we have to fumble over along the way.

Thank the LORD my wife and I met online. I would’ve never spoken to her in person, and if I did manage to get words out, she would’ve run for the hills.

When interested and making plans, we tend to like on-on-one time

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If your love interest is in fact interested, and she’s somehow managed to try securing plans to hang out with you, they will more than likely be one-on-one. It’s common for straight girls to ask a guy ‘out’ and make it a group thing. But lesbians are different…




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