If You Write Behind The Paywall But Don’t Pay For A Membership, I’m Not Reading Your Articles

3 min readJan 6, 2022

There’s a long list of why’s


This might piss some people off, but I’m bracing myself. Here goes nothing.

Note… I’m talking about people who are actively writing behind the paywall. Not non-members ingeneral.*

I think it’s a dick move to get paid but not contribute

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How rude is it to write as much shit as possible, and then get paid only because people who pay for a membership are reading your articles?

I see it as incredibly disrespectful.

If you’re writing a solid amount of content per week, I know for damn sure you’re making at least five fucking dollars a month.

How is it respectful to your writing peers to take their money and then expect them to shell out theirs, when you’re contributing nothing to the Medium community?

You might have good content. Good for you.

But this is a community.

And the best writers go all-in. We support each other.

I wouldn’t put my articles behind the paywall if I wasn’t a paying member.

I hope, deep in my soul, that Medium’s monster of an algorithm turns around and bites you hard in the ass

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Medium rewards its authors based on their engagement and time, and on their effort.

To me, $5 a month isn’t an effort. It’s barely a cup of coffee (not Ko-Fi)…

Medium has a notorious algorithm that deems authors worthy, or unworthy, of success on the platform.

For people who come, expecting to get paid, but don’t pay themselves, well, I hope the penalty is article death.


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