The Joys of Flying Solo: Reminiscing About the Benefits of Being Single

7 min readMar 1

Even though being married is awesome

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Although being in a relationship has its benefits, and I love my wife, there are definitely some things that I miss about being single. Let me be clear, not having my wife is not something I miss.

There’s something about the freedom, openness, and clarity that comes with running on your own steam and after your own desires, and after you settle into a routine with another person and merge your lives, you may begin to forget what that feeling is like.

Independent decision-making

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As someone who was single for quite some time, I enjoyed being able to make my own decisions without needing to consider how they would affect someone else. I’m a pretty independent person, and even in a long-term relationship, I need space to be and do things for myself.

  • Personal space: One thing I miss about being single is having complete control over my personal space. I could choose to decorate my apartment however I wanted, choose when to clean it, how to clean it, and decide who to invite over. Now that I’m in a long-term relationship, I have to consider my partner’s preferences and needs when making decisions about our shared space.
  • Social calendar: Another aspect of independent decision-making that I miss is having complete control over my social calendar. When I was single, I could choose when to go out with friends, which events to attend, and how long to stay. While my wife doesn’t control what I do or where I go, mutual respect for each other leads us to plan around each other’s social needs. Now that I’m in a relationship, I choose to coordinate my plans with my partner and make sure we’re both happy with our social calendar.

Freedom to prioritize personal goals

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